Which training is for me?

We want to reach as many preschool teachers, parents and practitioners (and, by extension, as many preschool children!) as possible, which is why we offer a range of training opportunities, all priced highly competitively and so that anyone can enjoy outstanding drama training and feel fully supported, no matter what their circumstance. So, which training opportunity is right for you?



"The Secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher" 
This training is for you if you want to learn a range of drama techniques that can be implemented into your daily teaching  - to help you lead imaginative play more effectively and to support your classroom management

1. Take the course independently and set your own pace for your learning. Buy your course today,


2. Benefit from additional live tutorials (typically 18 hours over a number of weeks) in a larger cohort. This is ideal for groups of practitioners, from the same setting or school district for example. Arrange a time to talk so we can create a training package perfect for your budget and group size.


"The Way I Feel"

For you, if you want to specifically address your preschool children's well-being, and help them to recognize and manage their emotions through drama, music and play. 

1. Buy the resource (which includes online training videos as well as ongoing support from our team), and get started today,


2. Purchase a bespoke package of additional training in the form of online webinars (around 7 extra hours). Learn with your collegues from your setting or from your school distrct. Get in touch and we'll work with you to create the perfect training experience for your group, at an affordable price.