"The Secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher" is an online, independent learning course designed to help teachers support children’s physical, social and emotional well-being, fresh approaches to their teaching to make classroom management easier, and a range of imaginative, easy to deliver games and musical activities that make learning fun. 

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100% of teachers who recently took this course...
* Saw improvement in students' behaviour and self-control
* Saw improvement in students' interest in pretend play
* Saw improvement in students' social skills, language skills and physical skills
* Gained confidence in using drama techniques in the classroom
* Plan to use Pyjama Drama activities and techniques in their classroom from now on
* Would recommend this training to a friend

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Take this course independently or, benefit from additional webinar tutorials or supplemental in-person trainingPerfect for cohorts who want to learn together, or for those that need a little extra support. Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.


How does independent learning work?
*Watch pre-recorded, online lessons, at the pace that’s right for you, in the comfort of your own home 
*Access lessons via our online Learning Hub where you can easily track your progress
*Extend your practice with our Resource Pack containing ten drama games 
*Acces our fully functioning support network via our online Learning Academy
*Ongoing, expert advice and support via email 

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"The course has given me the confidence to really implement fun and developmentally appropriate transitions, activities and growing opportunities for children. It is a great tool to add to your teacher belt!" Emmy Wiley


How much does it cost to be an independent learner?
*License for an individual teacher: $150
*8 licenses only $950

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"This was an eye-opening experience for me to further grow in my own imaginative skills. This course is an excellent resource for teachers, support staff, and directors to learn together with a common goal of teaching children to learn through play! Simply so much fun!" Debra