Drama and play to develop life skills!

At Pyjama Drama our emphasis is on role play and imagination, not performance. Drama, pretending and role-playing is instinctive and has many, many benefits. At Pyjama Drama our emphasis is clear - developing skills for life!

In class, teachers using our techniques are able to create imaginary worlds that the children explore together; recreating events, learning how to respond to different situations, meeting and communicating with different characters and learning how they fit in - all in the safe and supportive environment of the classroom.

So, as we make a plan to set Pirate Pat free from his captors we're learning that we can be brave and as we tiptoe through the jungle past that sleeping lion we're learning to be cautious. Looking after the sick tadpoles helps us develop empathy. Singing with our friends around the campfire nurtures confidence. Working as a doctor for the day teaches us lots of new words so develops our language and communication skills, and waiting in line to buy a rainbow flavoured ice-cream helps us to understand patience, as well as teaching us the importance of taking turns!

And Pyjama Drama doesn't just develop social skills; our approach also helps young children develop their physical skills too. Walking the tightrope under the Big Top helps us to master balancing, being a grasshopper strengthens our leg muscles, taking part in the Olympics enhances our fitness...

Imagination can take you everywhere. It can allow you to explore far-off lands and go on amazing adventures. It's also key to helping our children lead happy and successful lives...

If you are a teacher, preschool or school district looking for advice, support or training on any aspect of drama for young children, please get in touch. Or sign up to try out our powerful free lesson, designed to help you change the way you sing nursery rhymes with your children - forever! 

Female Asian toddler laughing with hands over her face