Play and Learn!

"Play and Learn";  a pack of eight, original Pyjama Drama games for you and your little ones to enjoy.

All eight drama games are original to Pyjama Drama, and they've all been played with children in a range of settings - preschools, schools, back yards, kindergartens, children's bedrooms, the list goes on!

However, we know that if you don't usually lead physical, imaginative games with large (or small) groups of preschool children, you might feel a little daunted, and you wouldn't be alone. But because these games have been played and enjoyed, countless times, we know you're going to love them. 

All the games in the pack, "Play and Learn" are written with simple, step-by-step instructions, but if you have any questions at all, we're here to help, drop us an email - sometimes all you need is a bit of encouragement, and that's what we're here for!

You can also join our online support group, "The Pyjama Drama Learning Academy" on Facebook. You'll find lots of members of the Pyjama Drama team hang out there, along with other, like-minded professionals who are sharing their experiences of using pretend play in their practice.

Download  "Play and Learn" here. 



What's in, "Play and Learn"? 

Birthday Wishes
It's your birthday, time to make a wish!

Caterpillar Soup
What's that floating in my delicious pea soup?

Colourful Carousel
What colour shoes are you wearing today?

Hide and Seek Bear 
Who doesn't love playing with their bear cub friends?

Jump, Fly, Dive
Our new friend is feeling down. Let's help him out!

Let's Dig
There's a hole in the road - where's our trusty construction crew?

Love is in the Air 
Let's talk (and sing!) about love ...

The Opposite Me
Look at my face, can you see how I'm feeling?

Have fun!