Drama? Just another word for play!

When we refer to “teaching through drama” we don’t mean putting on a production or any kind of performance. Our curricula and trainings will not culminate in a school play or even a class puppet show. To us, teaching through drama is just good teaching.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin


“Teaching through drama” to us means students experience content, which leads to the deepest kind of learning: experiential learning. What’s more, the process of experiential learning is loaded with side-benefits. When they pretend together, not only are students more alert and engaged, with happy brains primed for learning, but they are actually learning skills for success like communicationempathyconfidence, and problem-solving.  Within the shared constraints of a pretend bus ride to the zoo, a chat with Goldilocks, or helping a lost lizard, even the most reserved children find motivation to speak out, and the most outgoing find opportunities to listen and collaborate.

But I don’t DO drama!

Our trainings, activities and curricula are not designed for drama teachers. They are designed for any teacher who wants their students to actively engage in learning. We have been training non-drama-teachers to use drama since 2005 and even the most doubtful are convinced when they see how their students respond.


“I love it! Yesterday I asked the kids to pack their (imaginary) backpacks. They looked at me like, ‘She finally understands us!’”

“I now feel comfortable incorporating ideas, techniques, and games into my classroom that I never would have thought to use on my own.”

“Even with my activities not being perfect, the children enjoy themselves.”


Meet them in their world.
Teachers tell us time and again that it’s well worth the challenge of stretching their comfort zone to include a bit of imagination and pretend in the school day when they see their students’ social and emotional skills grow. And we’re here to share original resources and tried and tested techniques to make it easy to ignite imaginations and connect with your students.


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