Recent praise. for our training and resources...


What teachers need today
"I feel it is what teachers need today to help improve staff/child relationships to have more fun and learn to love learning! Sarah is the best trainer ever, her excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. I wouldn’t change a thing. It is perfect as is!" Anon

A huge difference in the classroom 
"This course gives you a lot of new material and fun ways to teach. I especially like the leader of the gang technique and think that in itself makes a huge difference in the classroom. I enjoyed earning new techniques to share with others and help children find their imaginations." Kali Coleck, Preschool Director

I'm soaking it all in 
"I’m really enjoying it all and I wanted you to know that. It’'s awfully hard to feel playful and silly during the lockdown, but I’m soaking it all in. Thank you. I appreciate it. This is my weekly smile time." Misti, Preschool Teacher

You've really expanded my outlook
"I eagerly look forward to this class every week. I can’t wait until we have kids to practice. This is amazing. I have a good imagination and you expanded it to 3D form, which is amazing. I write and illustrate. So 3D form is like WOW! You really expanded my outlook and made it so fun. I always was playful with kids, but not to this extent." Debra, Preschool Director  

Feeling inspired 
"I left the course feeling inspired with many ideas I can implement in my class tomorrow. I love that all ideas can be used without extra materials and props." Heather Wahlberg

Learned so much
"I loved watching Sarah - in person and on the videos. Learned so much from her! I loved all the different techniques and try to incorporate them daily in some way. So much fun - for all of us! I love the focus on imagination, as I notice that my preschoolers are entering school not always knowing how to pretend, to imagine, and to play. I recommend this course!!!!!! Think it would be great for Kinder as well." Anon

The most obvious improvement was in pretend play
"Overall, I think the experience was very positive for my kids. The most obvious improvement was in pretend play. Using the drama techniques showed just how much my kids could do with just their imaginations, and it has been easier for me to start pretend activities since." Kyle Hodges

So many amazing things I learned 
"This course has really helped me to develop my imaginary teacher skills! It has given me the confidence to really implement fun and developmentally appropriate transitions, activities and growing opportunities for children. It is a great tool to add to your teacher belt! I can't wait to implement all of these drama techniques with all the children in my classroom. So many amazing things I learned!!!"  Emmy Wiley

A valuable set of skills 
"Such a valuable set of skills for a teacher. The skills were broken down into small phrases that are easy to remember and review."  Shelley Davis

Helped me to develop my teaching skills 
"This course teaches you how to be a kid again and use your imagination. I liked that it taught me to use my whole body and expressions. This course helped to improve my skills as a storyteller and it helped me find my alter ego. It has helped me to develop teaching skills I can use in my everyday classroom to keep class exciting while still maintained and orderly." Natalie Davis

An excellent resource
"This was an eye-opening experience for me to further grow in my own imaginative skills. This course is an excellent resource for teachers, support staff, and directors to learn together with a common goal of teaching children to learn through play! Every aspect of what we learned has been taught with so many modes and ways that I know I will be able to expand this type of fun learning whenever I cover for a teacher in their class, simply so much fun!!!" Debra

An amazing resource 
"This is an amazing resource and tool that can be utilized in a preschool classroom! The best part is the games and the excited children when I led them. Even with my activities not being extremely perfect, the children seemed to enjoy themselves. The majority of the children in my small group were engaged. They are two-year-olds, and for some of them, Spanish is their primary language." Anon

So effective
"I appreciate the instructor and her personality and encouragement to me. I am finding these exercises so helpful for pulling my students into drama.I recommend the class because it is effective!" Pam

I would recommend this class
"I loved the way the course was organized with the online component, the webinars, and the in person classes. It was a good balance altogether and kept the class moving at a nice pace. The best part is the ideas, techniques, and games that I feel comfortable incorporating into my classroom that I never would have thought to use on my own. I would recommend this class to others and enjoyed it more than I thought I would." Anon

Teaches kids to express their emotions 
"What I liked best about the training was the videos and the participation that was in the class. I learned a lot on the opinions of the other students/teachers. The video demos helped me understand the right way to dramatize with the kids. This is a training to recommend because it teaches the kids to express their emotions and enforces social and emotional development."  Martha