Are you a preschool or elementary school teacher searching for innovative training opportunities and resources? Are you a parent, looking for easy ways to stimulate your child's imaginations, or a childminder wishing to further your career by advancing your professional development? If you spend any time at all with preschool children, you’ve come to the right place!  

We've been igniting children’s imaginations since 2005 and there are lots of ways to learn and play with us! Take our online course, "The secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher", deliver our well-being pack, "The Way I Feel", or download free songs,  drama games and resources.


Feel nervous about using drama in your practice?  Try watching this five-minute video which teaches you a simple (but very powerful) technique. Have fun!

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An essential course for individual and larger cohorts of preschool teachers. Nervous about drama? No need! Drama is just another word for play!

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100% of teachers who recently took this course.
saw improvement in students':

* Behaviour and self-control
* Interest in pretend play
* Social skills, language skills and physical skills

100% of teachers also:  
* Gained confidence in using drama techniques 
* Plan to use Pyjama Drama activities from now on
* Would recommend this training to a friend


* Pre-recorded lessons
* Online, live tutorials (optional)
* Demo videos 
* Teacher workbook
* Resource pack 
* Ongoing expert advice and support

Supplemental, bespoke training packages for larger cohorts (e.g.: from the same school distrct) also avaiable!

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A unique, six-week well-being activity pack for preschool children. Help children to recognize, name and manage their emotions through drama, music, movement and play.

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"What a fantastic way to delve into the world of social emotional development that many children will become immersed in. I loved the demonstrations!" Janeen



* Six weekly activities 

* Six extension tasks

* Teacher training videos 

* Printable worksheets

* A "play at home" task

* Original music 



*Expert advice and support


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well-being in your classroom today. 
Or, talk to us about how we can offer additional training for your nursery group or school distrct. 


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We want our training and resources to reach far and wide, which is why we offer a range of flexible training opportunities! 

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Are you...

*A preschool teacher?
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*A Childminder?
*Training to be a teacher?
*An early childhood practitioner?


Anyone who works with, would like to work with, or who spends any time at all with preschool children, can benefit from our resources and training.

And no matter what your circumstances, we have an affordable option that means you can always access outstanding training and ongoing support.


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