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Perfect for preschool teachers and parents


An anti-bullying curriculum that uses drama, music and games to teach children to...

1.) Recognize and celebrate difference
2.) Notice when teasing/bullying behavior is happening
3.) Have the confidence and skills to stand up and act out and make it stop 


Currently available in the US, available in the UK to support Relationships Education soon. Get in touch to register UK interest here.


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 Benefit from

36 easy to follow lesson plans (6 per grade)
36 extension activities (supporting Common Core English Language Arts Standards) 
Bespoke training for your school
Music and training videos 
Supporting resources including posters and certificates 


"This curriculum has made a real difference to my students. I've seen a lot of the skills that they've learned being used in their daily lives and I think its been very powerful for them, in school and at home" Sandy Green, Second Grade Teacher, CL Elementary School


Helping preschoolers to recognise and manage their 'big' emotions. This six week activity pack comes complete with weekly drama activities, extension tasks and teacher demo videos! Perfect for distance learning to be delivered either by teachers or parents.


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Six week's worth of activities and extension tasks 
Supporting printable worksheets
Original music tracks and music video


Six teacher demonstration videos (great for parents and teachers who think they can't 'do' drama!)


Lifetime access to our online support forum
Direct email support 


"This pack has made a massive difference to the pre-schoolers I teach" Preschool Teacher, 2019



Learn how to master the tried and tested techniques that Pyjama Drama have been using since 2015 in the UK and around the world to unlock potential in young children and transform personal, social and emotional development. Whether you choose to learn independently from home via our pre-recorded online lessons, or learn with a cohort and join additional in-person training, you'll have lifetime access and support. 


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Use your new skills to...


1. ) Develop personal, social and emotional skills in your children 
2.) Transform Circle Time
3.) Transform how you sing with your preschoolers
4.) Manage energetic games with large or small groups easily
5.) Better utilise every learning opportunity
6.) Mange transitions
7.) Manage behaviour


“This training is like no other! The music and support is amazing. The techniques are so useful and powerful! I cannot say thank you enough for this offering!” Preschool Teacher, 2019


Drama and play preschool resources, KS1 resources and training for anyone working with young children.


Pyjama Drama Learning has been created by three teachers with nearly 50 years of teaching experience between them. We provide outstanding drama and play resources and teacher training packages for anyone working with children from 3 - 7 years. Our goal: to bring imagination into the heart of education, the world over! 

Preschool Resources and Key Stage 1 resources
Our preschool resources are easy to deliver and are incredibly powerful, helping children learn through play more effectively. Even if you have no experience of drama, you'll easily be able to use our resources to unlock potential in your children. Our three founders are from either side of 'the pond' - with sisters Sarah Owen and Rachel McKenna being based in the UK, and Sarah Rijnen being in California. As such our resources and training are created with both the EYFS and the California Preschool Learning Foundations in mind.

The 'Well-being' Series
Our preschool ‘Well-being’ Series has just been launched with the first of many Activity Packs designed to make EYFS lesson plans for drama and play super easy and fun. 'The Way I Feel' is no ordinary EYFS resource, helping children to learn through play as they develop the skills they need to recognise and manage their emotions. Designed to be delivered over six weeks, the pack includes an original music video and music tracks, six games for preschool kids, six printable extension tasks, teacher demonstration videos, plus lifetime support from our online 'Learning Academy' and in the form of direct email support from our founders. Click through to learn more about this preschool resource.

KS1 Activity Pack
Our first KS1 Activity Pack, 'Staying Cyber Safe' is taking schools by storm! Designed to teach children aged 5 - 7 the four most important internet safety rules, this pack shows just how powerful it is when children learn through play. The pack includes an original song and music video, plus four drama games and printable extension tasks. And - you guessed it - lifetime support from like-minded teachers! Take a look at what the resource includes.

Free Resources
We also have tonnes of free music for kids in the form of over 40 original music tracks and a growing number of fun, engaging and vibrant music videos– because a key feature of Pyjama Drama Learning is our wealth of FREE resources; free preschool music, free preschool songs, free Circle Time activities and ideas, kids learning games, preschool games, teaching ideas and nursery teacher training. Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll receive a free resource every single week! Our aim is to help EYFS curriculum planning, Early Years curriculum planning or Kindergarten curriculum planning put drama and play centre stage!

Professional Development
In addition to the EYFS and KS1 resources that we offer, we also have a strong focus on professional development for teachers. Our first online course, 'The Secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher' enables anyone working with preschool children to extend their skills of teaching through play, and give children more opportunities to engage with learning through play activities. Teachers learn from the comfort of their own homes by watching concise, engaging videos delivered by cofounder Sarah Rijnen, and then put what they learn into practise in class. The feedback has been incredible!

Nurturing a child’s imagination and supporting teachers is at the heart of everything we do; in our resources, teacher training, online courses and music. If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help you to bring the imagination to the forefront of your teaching - get in touch: